Franklin Graham Comes To Mike Pence's Defense With THIS STRONG Statement And Admission About His OWN Marriage

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April 08, 2017Apr 08, 2017

Vice President Mike Pence came under fire last week for having strong, traditional views on marriage--and particularly for guarding his own against temptation.

The news reported that he follows what is commonly referred to as the "Billy Graham rule," where a man sets the standard not to be in compromising situations with a woman. 

This would include having dinner alone with a female colleague, as that could invite speculation of an affair. But Pence has been blasted by the media as being sexist and having no self-control.

This of course, comes from a liberal media that does not prize marriage and a culture that does not have a high success rate of lasting marriage. So, it's not criticism that should be heartily applied.

Nevertheless, Franklin Graham comes to Pence's defense here in a latest Facebook post and shares how he follows the very same rule. 


Journal Now reports that the standard was first developed in 1948, "when the Charlotte-born evangelist and his staff came up with the “Modesto Manifesto” — rules to keep them free of scandal as they traveled around the country spreading the Gospel. One of those rules: Never be alone with a woman who is not your wife."

The article wisely points out: "Whatever you think of the rules or their application circa 2017, they kept Graham himself largely untainted by scandal his entire career."

What do you think of the "Billy Graham rule" and the fact that the Pence'\s follow it? Share your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!