Franklin Graham: Cold War Had HUGE Impact On Moral State Of U.S. Today

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August 15, 2016Aug 15, 2016

Speaking in Boise, Idaho last week in the midst of his 50-state Decision America Tour, Rev. Franklin Graham made it clear that despite the enormous blessing of our victory over the Soviet Union, winning the Cold War had at least one unintended negative consequence.

"When I was growing up, my generation...we were afraid of the Red Threat," Franklin said. "The Commies were coming. We were ready for them. I think everybody had a rifle above their bed, and if they came, we could take care of them. If we could shoot rabbits and squirrels, we could take care of them."

But then that state of vigilance shifted dramatically.

Franklin explained, "When the Berlin Wall came down, we all relaxed. [We said], 'Wow, you know, we dodged that one.' We high-fived each other and began just to get complacent. Well, as we got complacent, secularism began to infiltrate Washington. It got into the halls of Congress, it got into our Supreme Court, it got into our state capitols, it got into our municipalities. And secularism has come into our schools. And let me tell you something, there’s no difference between secularism and Communism. They're both godless!"

First the Ten Commandments stopped being placed in schools, Franklin said. Then prayer went away. Next, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

"Kids today don’t know right from wrong. If they just had God would be good for the teachers to see God's standards!" Franklin said. "We're losing our country; we're losing our heritage."

Franklin called on Christians to pray for their leaders, to vote, and to run for political office if God so calls so that America can once again look to God before we lose our country entirely.

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