Franklin Graham: Christians Should Take A Cue From Obama On How To Save Our Country

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August 12, 2016Aug 12, 2016

Taking a cue from President Obama is not something evangelist Franklin Graham often does, but there's one aspect of Obama's life that he said Christian pastors and congregations should learn from in order to help save our country.

Speaking to a crowd of almost 4,000 on the steps of the Idaho Capitol on Wednesday as part of his 50-state Decision America tour, the son of Billy Graham encouraged attendees to pray for America that God would turn it around for the better.

In addition to praying, Franklin delivered a strong challenge to pastors.

"This may be a new term," Franklin said. "I don't know. Maybe you've heard it, maybe you haven't. You could become organizer."

The crowd roared with laughter.

"Be a community organizer for God, OK?" Franklin continued. "Be a political activist. You say, 'I thought only the left-wing were political activist.' Oh, really? Why can't we be political activists? Why not?"

He also quoted his father who in 1976 told churches, "Get involved in the political process. This coming year is an election year. I like to challenge every deeply committed American who is qualified to think about running for political office. I don't believe that we as Christians should withdraw. We need men and women of integrity, Christian commitment, who will run for political office this year no matter to which political party they belong."

Franklin added, "It’s the duty of men and women to offer themselves for public office. One reason we’ve had so such bad political leaders is because in some places only the bad ones have offered themselves for service. There are many places where Christian men and women could get the vote if they only offered themselves. Daniel in the Bible lived in one of the most heathen countries in the world, but he was prime minister under seven kings and two empires. And we need Daniels today."

He also said, "If you thought about how important races like the mayor races [are]…can you imagine if the majority of municipalities in this state were controlled by born again men and women? You think that would have an impact on this state? You'd better believe it. Or your city council? How about school boards? We need Christian men and women on school boards, and not just to sit there, but we need Christian men and women who are willing to stand up and say 'no."

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