Franklin Graham Challenges Archbishop To Excommunicate Governor Cuomo

January 29, 2019Jan 29, 2019

"I call on my friend Cardinal Dolan to take a moral stand," urges Franklin Graham.

Wow, bold. And necessary. In a fearless Facebook post, Graham asks that his friend, the Archbishop of New York who oversees Governor Andrew Cuomo in spiritual matters, excommunicate Cuomo for his recent bill allowing abortions on the due dates of any unwanted baby in New York.

Called the "Reproductive Health Act," the bill allows even non-doctors to lethally inject a baby in the womb up to his or her due date. Cuomo not only signed the bill, he pushed vehemently for it, threatening to block his state's budget passing until the abortion initiative was allowed.

Not only that, Cuomo ordered landmarks around his state, including One World Trade Center, to be lit up in pink to celebrate the bill. Now let's let that sink in for a minute, while also considering that Cuomo is a self-professing Catholic. Cuomo had his state celebrate the fact that babies can now be killed on their due dates, while rapists, pedophiles, and murderers are not allowed to be lethally injected in the same way in New York.

This was just too much for so many appalled Americans, and thousands are calling for the governing Catholic authority to excommunicate Cuomo. Here, Graham challenges his friend Archbishop Timothy Dolan to take a stand.

"There have been discussions within the Catholic Church as to whether New York Governor Cuomo should be excommunicated from the church for signing the state’s new abortion bill," writes Graham. "What the governor signed into law allows for the murder of unborn children up until the day of their birth. Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the Archbishop of New York told Fox News on Monday that the governor is 'not going to be moved by this, so what’s the use?' I call on my friend Cardinal Dolan to take a moral stand. Whether it moves the governor’s calloused heart or not, it will have a great impact on not only the church in New York, but on the church worldwide. My question would be—if the church loses their moral voice, then what’s the use? It’s about standing for right over wrong, good over evil."

Countless Americans agree with Graham's challenge, including Albany Bishop Edward Scharfenberger. "It goes way beyond Roe v. Wade in so many ways, so I don't see it as something to celebrate," told "Fox & Friends" Saturday. "The kind of procedures that are now available in New York state, we wouldn't even do to a dog or a cat...It's torture."

A commenter on Graham's post put it in perspective: "I find it repulsive that as Americans - we will save trees, whales, stray pets and cans - but we will argue if killing a baby is right or any of our business! It's murder...and its being celebrated!! In the days of Noah... Come (today) Lord Jesus!!"

Another posted this prospective challenge: "Imagine if every Catholic dropped into the collection plate a note that said my donation is going to St Judes, an organization that values the sanctity of every life."

What do you think of Graham's challenge to Archbishop Dolan? Share your thoughts in the comments! Thank you so much.

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