Franklin Graham Calls Down Judgment On Governor Cuomo For "Sickening" Abortion Celebration

January 25, 2019Jan 25, 2019

Wow, what has our nation become? New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently pressured his state into adopting America's most gruesome abortion law yet: babies in New York can now be killed in the womb on their due date, for any reason by any doctor. It's unbelievable to any person with an active conscience.

Yet to Governor Cuomo and his dark sidekick, Hillary Clinton, it is a cause for celebration. Franklin Graham shares (in disgust) how Cuomo ordered the top of the World Trade Center and other state landmarks to be lit up in pink to celebrate the unchecked slaughter of babies.

Here, Franklin Graham reminded Americans of the judgment the Bible promises for those, like Cuomo and Clinton, who call evil good and good evil.

"Yesterday five murders at a bank in the city of Sebring, Florida, shocked the nation," began Graham's Facebook message. "We were appalled and greatly saddened at the loss of innocent life. Yesterday in the city of New York, it is estimated that more than 150 murders took place in the sterile environment of a clinic or medical office. They were performed by doctors and other medical personnel, and they were called abortions. Why is the nation not shocked and appalled at this tragic loss of innocent life?"

"This week New York Governor Cuomo signed legislation into law making abortion a 'fundamental right' and eliminating protections for babies in the womb," wrote Graham. "After signing this heinous bill into law, Governor Cuomo ordered the spire of One World Trade Center and other landmarks to be lit up in pink in 'celebration.' What a sickening display of how far our nation has strayed from God. Someone said it should have instead been lit up in red to represent the blood of all the lives that will be lost. The Bible says, 'Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness…' (Isaiah 5:20)," warned Graham.

"I have great respect for the New York bookstore owner in the news story below for closing his store to let his concern and disagreement be known," said Graham, sharing an article highlighting a New York bookstore's protest of the heinous new law.

In a Facebook post, Jon Speed, who owns a Syracuse book store, wrote: “The book store is closed today. It is a day of mourning in New York. In honor of the thousands of babies that will die in the years to come, we shall not be collecting sales tax for this tyrannical government today. We will on other days, under duress, but not today.”

Speed said he was so distraught after hearing the news that he could hardly sleep. “There’s not much you can do after the fact,” Speed said. “I thought, ‘Well maybe I just put a sign out and explain my position.’

We applaud Speed for his public dissent. We are also joining with Graham and praying for judgment on those that would kill innocent babies. How do you feel about Graham's message and Speed's shown of dissent? Share your thoughts and prayers in the comments! Thank you so much.

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