Franklin Graham Asks Women To Answer This POWERFUL QUESTION About TARGET

March 04, 2017Mar 04, 2017

Target sales are down. After a perplexing and strong move to value the 2-3% of the population that is LGBT over the safety and concerns of women and children, the major retailer has been sent a loud and clear message: We do not like what you have done in letting biological men into girls' and women's restrooms and changing rooms.

The Christian Post reports on the noticeable shortfall of Target revenue: "Target also forecast first-quarter profit short of Wall Street estimates. Shares sank 12.1 percent to $58.79, their biggest one-day percentage drop since 2008," says a Reuters report.

"The stock has lost a quarter of its value since the holiday shopping season started in November, back to levels last seen in August 2014."

In a latest Facebook post, Franklin Graham, a passionate supporter of protections for women and children, points out that Target has not prospered from their godless decision and goes even further to ask women to stand up and say again that they do not like what Target is doing.

"I’m not familiar with the details of Target’s reported financial decline, but I can tell you that their transgender bathroom policy doesn’t set well with many," shares Graham.

"They have forgotten their customers—and the importance of putting their safety and privacy first. Target seems to have lost its moral compass. If you’re a woman, do you want a man coming into your dressing room or into the restroom with your daughter or granddaughter?"

 Here are some of the passionate responses from women to Graham's question:


How do you feel about Target's bathroom policy? Do you think their lowered sales will force them to change their policy? Let us know how you feel in the Comments! Thank you!