Franklin Graham Asks for Prayer Over Devastating News About Friend, Christian Leader

November 21, 2018Nov 21, 2018

On Monday, November 19, Christian author Jodi Eareckson Tada revealed some heartbreaking news. She confirmed that she has been diagnosed with cancer for the second time.

The best-selling author, speaker, and leader of an international ministry has made a profound mark on people's faith around the world. In July of 1967 as a teenager, Jodi got in a diving accident which rendered her quadriplegic. Last year marked her "50-year anniversary" in a wheelchair.

Eight years ago, Tada fought through stage 3 breast cancer. Now, sadly, she has been diagnosed again. According to reports, she underwent a biopsy recently on a nodule that had developed over the area of her previous mastectomy. Tada revealed that doctors discovered cancer.

She wrote, "When I received the unexpected news of cancer from my oncological surgeon, I relaxed and smiled, knowing that my sovereign God loves me dearly and holds me tightly in His hands."

Franklin Graham took to social media to ask for prayers for his friend,

He wrote, "Joni Eareckson Tada is a longtime friend of our family & took part in many of my father @BillyGraham's Crusades. We were saddened to hear that she has been diagnosed with cancer again. Would you pray for Joni &  her husband Ken during this difficult time?"

Tada said that her surgery is scheduled for next Monday, November 26. The 69-year-old is asking for prayers that her surgery would go well and that "this new health challenge [would] become a platform for showcasing His grace and the giving of the Gospel."

Please be praying for Joni during this difficult time. Pray that her surgery goes smoothly and that she is able to keep her strength! Share your prayers here, and we will update following the surgery. In other recent news, a world-famous Christian leader just visited the White House and has a powerful outlook on what is taking place.

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