Franklin Graham Asking for Prayer After Mass Shooting in Major City

July 23, 2018Jul 23, 2018

On Sunday night, a terrible mass shooting took place in Toronto, Canada. The gunman, who died during a shootout with the police, opened fire while walking down a busy street, shooting up to 14 people.

Two people lost their lives—one of them being the gunman—and 13 others are severely injured. At this point, terrorism has not been ruled out as a motive.

As earlier reported, man was walking along Danforth Avenue when he “fired shots at groups of people several times.”

The shooting took place in the Greektown neighborhood. The crime appeared to be random; witnesses say the suspect was walking down the street when he started firing into various restaurants on both sides of the streets. One witness said he heard 20-30 gunshots.

The suspect is a 29-year-old male. When he was discovered by police, an “exchange of gunfire took place" that led to the gunman dying. It's unclear whether he shot himself or he was killed by police.

According to Mark Saunders, the Toronto Police Chief, young people were involved in the shooting. One of the decease was a young woman, and one of the critically injured is a 9-year-old girl.

Toronto Councilor Paula Fletcher said, “It’s not gang related. It looks like someone who is very disturbed.”

Franklin Graham took to Twitter on Monday morning to ask for prayer for Toronto and all those involved. He asked for everyone to pray for the injured and the families of the deceased.

"Pray for all those impacted by the horrific shooting rampage by a gunman in Toronto last night. Let’s pray for the 12 who are injured. And especially lift up in prayer the families whose loved ones were killed."

Please join us and Franklin Graham in praying for Toronto. Please pray for all those injured and their families. Please also pray for those who live in city; this shooting has shattered their sense of security and it will take time for them to feel at peace in their own hometown now. 

In other news, there's a massive recall of blood pressure and heart medications. The FDA reported that they may cause cancer. Are you or a loved one impacted by this?