Franklin Graham Applauds Walmart Worker's Shining Example

August 02, 2017Aug 02, 2017

We've all been there, haven't we? We see someone in need and feel a prompting to help, but often times we dismiss the thought and go along with our busy days. But this inspiring young man, a 20 year old worker at Walmart, didn't shush the feeling inside of him to go and help a hard-up foster mother with three small children. 

Here, on his Facebook, Franklin Graham commends Nicholas Tate and asks his followers to share their own support of his very kind deed. And the reaction was immense: over 100,000 people commended the young man and thousands shared their heartfelt applause in the comment. 

The foster mother was caring for a young baby and had to use a government assisted program called WIC but didn't quite know how. As she fumbled at the register, people behind her grew very impatient, shares CBS News.  

"[There were] more customers, more grumbling and dirty looks as they moved to the other lane and I'm frustrated and trying not to cry," the customer, who wishes to remain anonymous, wrote in a Facebook post. "At this point, a lady we know came up and asked why I was causing so many problems. I told her I was just failing as a foster mom because I can't figure out WIC and almost burst into tears right there."

It was then that Tate stepped in to save the day and pay for her full $60 worth of groceries. "I already had my card out at that point. I felt like God was telling me to pay for it," Tate explained. "The second it didn't work I swiped my card. When we feel like God is telling us to do something -- how many times do we say no? In that moment, without a doubt, he was telling me to pay, telling me these people are in need, to help them," Tate said.

"I don't remember everything he said to me after that but I do know he told me that I wasn't failing and that what we were doing was an amazing thing," the woman explained. Tate's story went viral on social media, and hundreds of thousands have been touched by his kindness. 

In light of so much negative news in the media (including the recent suicide of yet another rock musician), it is so encouraging to hear stories like this! Do you agree? Share your applause for Tate's kind act in the comments! 

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