Franklin Graham Applauds Trump's Awesomely Defiant Statement

October 16, 2017Oct 16, 2017

The one thing about President Trump is he says what he feels, no matter what others think. And at the recent Values Voters Summit last week, he said something that goes against what almost all the democrats feel, and even many of the republicans. 

On his Facebook page, Franklin Graham heartily applauds Trump's bold proclamation that God is to be worshiped in America, not the government.  “In America, we don't worship government -- we worship God," stated President Trump.

Graham points out that this ideology flies directly in the face of what most democrats want: an all-powerful and controlling government that doles out rights and privileges, as well as determines what is acceptable religious practice. "There are many politicians in Washington who would like nothing better than for our nation to become a godless, secular society where the government is the “all-in-all,” and people look to government for everything instead of looking to God," he writes. 

Graham applauds Trump's boldness to affiliate himself with not only God (as is often popular with politicians), but specifically with Jesus. "As a Christian, I appreciate the position that President Donald J. Trump takes relating to God. He isn’t afraid to be identified with God or His Son, Jesus Christ," says Graham. 

At Friday's 2017 Values Voters Summit in Washington D.C., Trump received great applause when he promised, "We are stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values." He continued, "We know that it's the family and the church — not government officials — who know best how to create strong and loving communities."

Though consistently met with immeasurable criticism and opposition, Trump has been quite faithful to the promises he made to Evangelicals during his campaigning. Of particular note, the president just freed the Little Sisters of the Poor (and other similar objectors) from being forced to administer abortifacient contraceptives, as they were under Obama. 

He also lifted the Johnson Amendment, which regulated political activity of churches, on the National Day of Prayer. All of this of course followed his appointment of conservative justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. 

Trump also addressed celebrating Christmas and honoring families in his speech: "We're saying 'Merry Christmas' again," he said boldly. "And as a Christmas gift to all of our hardworking families, we hope Congress will pass massive tax cuts for the American people," Trump continued. "That includes increasing the child tax credit and expanding it to eliminate the marriage penalty. Because we know that the American family is the true bedrock of American life."

What do you think of Trump's very bold and evangelically-based statements? Share your thoughts in the comments! Thank you! News just broke that Trump's former opponent, Hillary Clinton, just had to cancel a number of appearances due to a major fall.

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