Franklin Graham Applauds Pence For Saying What Kaine Didn't

October 05, 2016Oct 05, 2016

It is commonplace for politicians--especially in the Presidential election--to espouse some sort of faith.  Though America continues to secularize, it still brings people a level of trust in a candidate who believes in God and follows a moral code. But how deep that belief lies is the really important question. And in his latest Facebook post, Franklin Graham draws the strong distinction between the personal relationship that Pence spoke of in the VP debate and the lack of mention of one by Kaine.



During the debate, Kaine spoke of his faith in God, but he clarified that his private values (on abortion) should not inform his public policy. Pence called out this hypocrisy by explaining how his faith in God mandated his private and public pro-life stance, reports Life Site News.  “For me, the sanctity of life proceeds out of...that ancient principle where God says before you were formed in the womb, I knew you,” said Pence. “And so for my first time in public life, I sought to stand with great compassion for the sanctity of life.”

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