Franklin Graham Answers Whoopi Goldberg After She Attacks Evangelical Leaders Over Epstein Sex Scandal

July 15, 2019Jul 15, 2019

Franklin Graham could've answered "The View" co-host Whoopi Goldberg's accusation in a variety of ways, but he clearly chose the most gracious.

Goldberg attacked conservative evangelical leaders for not speaking out more against Jeffrey Epstein, a liberal financier who awaits judgment for sex trafficking and pedophilia charges.

Epstein, who lived primarily in New York but also held residences in New Mexico and Florida, was found to have tons of photos of what appear to be underage girls (many nude or semi-nude) in his safe, along with tons of cash, diamonds, and a fake foreign passport.

Epstein, who reportedly collected friendships with notable people (such as Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, along with celebrities like Chris Tucker and Kevin Spacey), is being accused of running a sex trafficking ring and abusing underage girls.

Last week, Goldberg accused evangelicals of staying silent about Epstein. "You know who I'm waiting to hear from?" asked Goldberg. "All those folks that are out there that talk about they want to take care of young people and make sure young people are good... why isn't the evangelical community coming forward? Where is everybody? That was worrying me because I thought, 'Well, one of the ways that you show that you care about people is ... you come out, and you condemn this kind of stuff... and all the folks that I'm used to hearing talk about, you know, 'This one is bad, or this is bad or this' haven't said much, and I was just wondering... where are they?"

Co-host Meghan McCain defended the accused conservatives, saying "I don't think evangelicals are OK with pedophilia." She also brought up the fact that Epstein was a "giant donor to a lot of Democrats," cutting the liberal Goldberg down to size for her political party.

Franklin Graham was named by Goldberg as one of the "silent", and he took to Facebook to answer Goldberg's accusations. Graham wrote: "I understand that on The View this week Whoopi Goldberg questioned why I and some other evangelical leaders hadn’t spoken out and condemned the actions of Jeffrey Epstein. The things Epstein is accused of are evil and horrific."

"I strongly condemn his actions and I’m sure that every follower of Christ would do the same," continued the evangelical leader. "I wholeheartedly agree with Whoopi that this is one of the 'ills of our country.' What the Epstein case comes down to is something I have written and commented about a multitude of times—sin in the human heart. The world is in a moral crisis—a sin crisis."

"The only cure, the only hope, for every heart—for you, for me, for Whoopi, even for Jeffrey Epstein, as horrible as his transgressions may be—is forgiveness and cleansing through the blood of God’s Son, Jesus Christ," shared Graham, leveling the field. "We are all sinners in God’s eyes who need forgiveness from Him. There are a lot of religions in this world, but there is only one Jesus who paid the price for our sins with His death, burial, and resurrection. I appreciate Whoopi bringing up this topic."

What do you think of Graham's gracious response to Goldberg's accusations? Share your thoughts in the comments! We want to hear from you. Thank you!

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