Franklin Graham And Ben Watson On Planned Parenthood's Goal To "Exterminate Blacks"

August 08, 2016Aug 08, 2016

Baltimore Ravens star Benjamin Watson points to Planned Parenthood founder's original goal to exterminate people she saw as "unfit." Sadly, Watson says, "it's working."

“We sit here and talk about advancing the black agenda, whatever that means, we talk about our interests, and what’s important to us – like having political power and advancement and all those things – and then we are turning around and we are killing our children,” Watson shared. “And we are buying the lie that it’s our personal decision to make.”

Franklin Graham thoroughly agrees with him. Graham backed the NFL star up on his latest Facebook post, warning of what the Bible says about innocent life.



What do you think? Do you agree that Planned Parenthood (though backed by the Black Lives Matter movement) does not have black lives in their best interests? Let us hear your thoughts and prayers in the Comments! Thank you!