Fox News Legal Expert: New Evidence Will BURY Hillary

November 03, 2016Nov 03, 2016

Fox News' legal expert, anchor and former defense attorney Gregg Jarrett is convinced the end is nigh for Hillary Clinton.

In an opinion piece, he writes, "Americans who lived through the nightmares of both the Watergate and Lewinsky scandals recall vividly how every day seemed to produce new evidence of wrongdoing. The drip, drip of deceptions and lies finally overflowed into a cascading pool of criminality and disgust."

He said the same will fate will soon befall Hillary as a new "avalanche of evidence" will bury her. He points out the FBI's new aggressive tone of their Clinton Foundation investigation, which they've given "very high priority." And he says new WikiLeaks revelations will likely convince Hillary's top aides Huma Abedin and others to cooperate in ratting out Hillary in order to get let off easy in the e-mail scandal investigation.

But what will happen if everything falls apart for Hillary before Nov. 8, before Inauguration Day, or soon after she gets elected — if she does get elected? Read the rest of his column here.