Fox News Hosts Blast “Fake” Mainstream Media Over Coverage of Russia

July 28, 2017Jul 28, 2017

 “Can the media be any more bias against Trump?” asked Fox News anchor Eric Bolling on air Thursday. “If you listen to the media all they seem to want to do is repeatedly cry ‘Russia, Russia, Russia.’ They even claim that Trump’s approval rating is tanking because of Russia.”

Eric Bolling’s monologue came Thursday afternoon during an episode of The Specialists, when he advised his “fellow deplorables” to ignore the headlines of the mainstream media about Trump’s dropping approval rating due to supposed mishandlings of Russia.

Bolling remarked that President Trump is popular with “the people,” especially middle America, as opposed to elites in New York or Los Angeles – the crowds on both coasts. And middle Americans want peace, he suggested, and they therefore aren’t very worried that Trump is trying to mend relations. In fact, when looking at the cheering crowds at Trump’s rallies, Bolling sees clear evidence that they actually like the idea of friendlier relations with Russia.

“To my fellow deplorables: stop listening to the fake news and mainstream media – the propaganda stream media,” said Bolling on air. “Trust me, you’ll get called names, you’ll get ridiculed, you’ll be made fun of, and in the end you’ll be right - and the emphasis is on right.”

Eric Bolling isn’t the only figure on Fox News defending President Trump’s approach to Russia. Earlier this month, Tucker Carlson, another Fox News Anchor, also defended Donald Trump against mainstream media attacks about Russia, most notably in a confrontational interview with neoconservative foreign policy analyst Max Boot. Defending Trump, Carlson suggested that US-Russian relations should be eased and that mainstream foreign policy pundits have greatly exaggerated – in order to undermine the popularity of President Trump – the threat that Russia actually poses to America.

Meanwhile, the Senate is joining the mainstream media in opposing Trump’s efforts to mend relations. On Thursday, the Senate passed HR 3364, the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, by an overwhelming 98 yeas to two nays. Earlier this week, the House passed the same bill by 419-3, with only Representatives Massie (R-KY), Amash (R-MI), and Duncan (R-TN) opposing. According to foreign policy strategist Daniel McAdams, the new sanctions bill effectively ties President Trump's hands on foreign policy, forcing him to ask for congressional permission to ease relations.

Donald Trump is not opposed to sanctions, and he doesn’t believe that the United States should do nothing about Russian meddling in US elections or the geopolitical challenge that Russia poses. Rather, Trump “wants to make the best possible deal for the American people,” claimed temporary White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. More on this subject can be found here.

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