Fox News Host Fired Over Racist Comment

May 19, 2017May 19, 2017

Former Fox News host, Bob Beckel of ‘The Five’, was fired on Friday over a racist comment.

Fox released the following statement:

"Bob Beckel was terminated today for making an insensitive remark to an African-American employee."

CNN also reported on the incident:

“Beckel told one of their clients, a black IT worker, that he was leaving the office while the employee serviced his computer because the employee is black. When the IT worker filed a complaint, Beckel attempted to intimidate him to withdraw it.”

Fox News responded by saying Beckel was not encouraged to try to have the staff member withdraw the complaint and he was immediately terminated after investigating the details.

Beckel also parted with Fox in 2015, just recently returning to the network. He has not yet responded to the sudden termination. 

Fox is currently facing a discrimination lawsuit supported by 22 additional clients.

What do you think about this scenario with Fox?

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