Fox News Announces Brand New Prime-Time Television Show

September 21, 2017Sep 21, 2017

The Fox News Channel has announced that Shannon Bream will be added to its primetime lineup with a live newscast at 11 pm. The show will first air on October 30, the same evening that Laura Ingraham's new show will kick off. 

"For the past decade, Shannon’s insight into the inner workings of the Supreme Court and Washington has made her a major asset to our news division," said the President of Fox News. "Her experience, coupled with the relationship she has with our viewers, offers a perfect fit for the anchor position at 11 p.m. ET as we extend our live primetime programming."

Bream has regularly been featured on Fox News and has covered every major election and Supreme Court decision since she first joined the channel in 2007. In fact, she was originally brought onto Fox News as a Supreme Court correspondent, due to her background as a lawyer-turned-journalist and popular news reporter. More recently, she has been working with Bill Hemmer on "America's Newsroom." 

Bream is very excited for the new opportunity given to her by Fox News, remarking that, “It has been an honor to work alongside the hardest-working team in the news business for the past 10 years. I am delighted to bring our audience an hour of captivating television, providing viewers with a recap of the day’s most important stories and the latest breaking news."

Conservative populist Laura Ingram, host of the new "The Ingraham Angle," will also begin her new show on October 30. The Sean Hannity show will also be moved to 9 pm, and The Five will return to its original 5 pm slot. 

Prior to joining the Fox News channel in 2007, Bream served as a weekend news anchor for WRC-TV (NBC) in Washington, DC. She was also the evening anchor for WBTV (CBS) in Charlotte, North Carolina. She graduated from Florida State University College of Law and Liberty University. She is a professional journalist by training. 

Other Fox News anchors have publicly expressed their excitement for Bream's promotion. Bret Baier, for instance, tweeted out congratulations for Bream, adding that she will be "terrific!"

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