Founder of Iconic Store Dies Days After Company Announces Closure

March 22, 2018Mar 22, 2018

It's the end of an era for toy stores. As Toys “R” Us prepares to shut their doors, they announced their founder, Charles Lazarus, passed away on Thursday at the age of 94, reported People.

They confirmed his death in a statement. In March, they also announced they'd be closing or selling all of their U.S. locations.

Everything started for Toys "R" Us in 1948. Lazarus opened a baby furniture store in Washington D.C. when he was just 25.

However, according to the company's description of their history, Lazarus realized that the money to be made was in the toys rather than the furniture. He decided that he would start a store that only sold toys, which was a radical idea at the time.

In 1957, Lazarus opened the first Toys “R” Us store. As America became increasingly affluent, the store transformed the way that parents shopped for their children whether that be for birthdays, Christmas, or just every day.

Lazarus headed the store as it became one of America's best-known retail chains. He stepped down from the position of CEO in 1994.

“There have been many sad moments for Toys ‘R’ Us in recent weeks, and none more heartbreaking than today’s news about the passing of our beloved founder, Charles Lazarus,” said the Toys "R" Us spokesperson in a statement. “He visited us in New Jersey just last year and we will forever be grateful for his positive energy, passion for the customer and love for children everywhere.”

The statement continues: “Our thoughts and prayers are with Charles’ family and loved ones.”

Please pray for Lazarus's family as they deal with their loss. In other news, a single mother of 3 has been reported missing. Please pray for her to be found. 

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