Former World Leader Takes His Final Breath at Age 89

May 16, 2019May 16, 2019

A former world leader has just taken his final breath. Reports are stating that Bob Hawke is the longest serving Labor Party Prime Minister in the history of Australia. He died Thursday at the age of 89.

"He won four terms as prime minister, serving from 1983 to 1991 before being ousted by his own center-left party when the economy soured. Only two other prime ministers served Australia longer, and both were members of the conservative Liberal Party," reported CBS News.

Hawke was a committed leader who worked to bring reform to his country. He was relentless in his pursuit of trade union issues, and he was widely regarded as a man of his people, according to reports. Many said he was a "down-to-earth" type of man who was easy to relate to. He won the support of his countrymen thanks to his hard work and authenticity.

"On the strength of his personality and growing popularity with voters, Hawke was elected prime minister on March 5, 1983, after less than three years in Parliament and only one month as leader of the Labor Party. He came to power preaching consensus and, through his intimate knowledge of both the trade union and business communities, was able to forge a wage accord that helped to minimize industrial disputes," reported CBS News.

It wasn't until about 1990 when Hawke's popularity started to fall. A recession had hit Australia and many citizens were looking for changes to help the economy and thereby impact their own lives. He was ousted as the Prime Minister in 1991 after a very long career.

A memorial service is going to be held in Sydney in the coming weeks. Fans and family members took to social media to post about the later leader and honor him. Our thoughts and prayers go out for them during this sad time. May Hawke's memory comfort them during this period.

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