Mysterious Report: Former Putin Adviser Who Died in U.S. Found to Have Broken Neck

March 18, 2019Mar 18, 2019

A mystery is continuing to thicken after a former advisor to Vladimir Putin was found dead in America. Now, officials are reporting some suspicious facts regarding his death.

Putin's former advisor, Mikhail Lesin, was a key figure responsible for helping Putin rise to power in Russia. He was only 57 years old when he passed away.

His body was found inside a hotel room in Washington D.C. and police immediately investigated the incident. They found no clear signs of foul play but the coroner has noticed something of concern.

"The official ruling was that Lesin, 57, died accidentally of blunt force trauma after falling repeatedly in his room while intoxicated. Yet there is intrigue surrounding the case, fed by circumstantial evidence: It seems odd for someone Lesin's age to die of blunt force trauma while alone in a room. There is also a gap in security video footage for the hours after Lesin was last seen alive. The police report eventually released to the public has been heavily redacted," wrote Fox.

The documents were released by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. They show Lesin's hyoid was completely broken.

"An official, whose name was redacted, is quoted as saying such breaks 'are commonly associated with hanging or manual strangulation,' but that it was also possible that the bone was damaged during the autopsy," reported Fox.

Lesin was extremely successful during his political career. He sold a company for millions after establishing it in 1990 to sell advertising to the local TV stations in Russia. His expertise in television allowed him to help Putin control the networks in Russia.

"Later he founded the global news network Russia Today, now known as RT. But he abruptly resigned in December 2014 and was believed by some Moscow-watchers to have fallen out of favor with the Putin government," according to reports.

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