Former Planned Parenthood Worker Drops BOMBSHELL About The Company

April 16, 2016Apr 16, 2016

A former employee of Planned Parenthood has revealed just how little the abortion factory has to do with actual women’s health issues.

A one time “employee of the year” for Planned Parenthood, Abby Johnson left the abortion factory when she saw an innocent child fighting for it’s life during an ultrasound enhanced abortion.  Since then, she has rededicated her life to fight for the sanctity of life and to defend the life of every unborn child.

“Every service that Planned Parenthood provides leads back to abortion.” Johnson said. “People always talk about the services that they offer, why do they offer that? Do they want to reduce the abortion rate? No, absolutely not.”

The real bombshell that Johnson exposed is that Planned Parenthood has quotas for abortions, and according to the Christian Post if those quotas are not met then people are fired.  “If you don’t meet your quota, people get fired and you don’t get your big bonus. That lends itself to coercion and manipulation in clinics since there are monetary benefits by meeting that quota,” Johnson said.

“If they wanted to reduce the abortion rates, they wouldn’t impose abortion quotas inside their facilities,” Johnson said. As a former Planned Parenthood insider, Johnson knows all about the inner workings of the organization. In fact, when she left the abortion giant, they tried unsuccessfully to have a permanent gag order placed on her so that she could not speak out about what really goes on inside the facilities.

Since Johnson left the company that has nothing to do with actual parenthood planning, she has successfully counseled and helped over 220 abortionists and workers leave the practice altogether.