Former Planned Parenthood Director Writes Heartbreaking Letter: "All Hearts Can Change"

July 22, 2015Jul 22, 2015

Dr. Nucatola, caught on camera and now seen by millions casually talking about harvesting fetal body parts over a glass of wine, has received countless hateful messages.


But Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood Clinic Director, is offering Dr. Nucatola something completely different: prayer, a way out, and compassion.

In this open letter, she writes:

"As I watched you on the video, I could almost see myself.  After a grueling abortion day, we would all go out for margaritas and Mexican food.  We would talk about the day and specific abortion cases.  It wasn’t gross to us.  We honestly didn’t think anything about it.  We would plainly talk about harvesting fetal parts as if we were talking about harvesting a field of corn.  That was our normal…and we were proud to live in it.  I get the humor.  I get how something grotesque to others can seem ordinary.

I understand the world you live in.  I understand the blindness.  I don’t think you are an evil person.  I wasn’t an evil person.  But just like I was, you are gravely misguided.  I want you to know that I care about you.  I have seen the things being said about you.  I have seen the hate and vile comments about you.  Seeing those things being said about you is honestly heartbreaking for me.  I can’t imagine what you are feeling right now.  I understand how hurtful people can be.  I still receive comments like that sometimes.

But I am not one of those people.  And no one involved in our organization, And Then There Were None, sees you as an evil person.  We care about you.  We want you to find peace.  We want you to find true happiness.  We know that won’t happen as long as you are involved in Planned Parenthood.  We believe that your life matters.  We believe that your life holds infinite value and worth.  You matter to us.  As hard as I fight to save unborn babies, I fight just as hard to save people like you from the grips of the abortion industry.

You can leave.  We can help you.”

You can read the entire letter at Life Site News.