Former NFL Star Asks for Custody of Son He Tried to Murder

February 20, 2018Feb 20, 2018

Rae Carruth, a former NFL wide receiver and first-round draft pick for the Carolina Panthers, is about to be released from prison after serving an 18 to 24-year sentence for a terrible crime. He said he would like his son back, whom he tried to murder.

In 1999, so that he wouldn’t have to pay child support, he hired a hitman to murder his pregnant girlfriend, Cherica Adams. On the night of the crime, Adams was following Carruth on Rae Road south of Charlotte after a movie date, when Carruth stopped. That allowed Brett Watkins to pull alongside her and shoot her four times through the driver’s side window.

Adams survived the initial shooting and called 911, and delivered Chancellor by Caesarean section in a hospital. She was seven months pregnant at the time, but died four weeks later from her wounds. Carruth, who jumped bond by fleeing to Tennessee in the trunk of a woman’s car, was later tried and found guilty.

Chancellor Lee Adams, born prematurely due to her mother’s murder, now suffers from cerebral palsy.

According to Fox News, Carruth says he found God while in prison and has changed. He wrote a letter to the mother of the victim, Saundra Adams, asserting that he bears full responsibility for the murder and would now like to gain custody of his son.

“I’m apologizing for the loss of her daughter. I’m apologizing for the impairment of my son,” said Carruth. “I feel responsible for everything that happened. And I just want her to know that truly I am sorry for everything.”

But Saundra Adams, who has raised the now 18-year-old son, has vowed that Carruth would never have custody of his son.

“Chancellor will be raised by me or, after I’m gone, by someone else who loves him and knows him. He will never be raised by a stranger – someone he doesn’t know and who tried to kill him,” she told the Charlotte Observer

While Adams said that Carruth would never have custody of his son, she stated that she was pleased that he had finally admitted responsibility for Cherica Adam’s death.

“I’ve forgiven Rae already, but to have any type of relationship with him, there does have to be some repentance,” she said. “And I think this opens the door. But I can say definitively he’s not ever going to have custody of Chancellor.”

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