Former NFL Star Arrested for DUI at Whataburger Drive-Thru

January 22, 2019Jan 22, 2019

A former NFL running back is once again in the spotlight. However, this time fans are not cheering his name.

Darren McFadden was just arrested after driving his vehicle to a Whataburger restaurant while under the influence. He reportedly fell asleep inside his vehicle while in the drive-thru line.

"Sources tell us the 31-year-old was asleep behind the wheel of a 2019 GMC Yukon in the drive-thru at a Whataburger in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. During the incident, cops say McFadden was resisting officers. Multiple sources tell us McFadden's driver's side and passenger windows were smashed during the incident," reported TMZ.

Police officers arrived on the scene and took McFadden into custody. He was charged with a DUI and also with resisting arrest. He was released on bond.

"McFadden was a star during his college days at Arkansas and was selected by the Oakland Raiders with the #4 overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. After spending 7 seasons with the Raiders, McFadden later signed with the Dallas Cowboys, where he played until 2017. He retired after that season," wrote TMZ.

Fans were left scratching their heads after the news broke of Darren's arrest. The NFL player had a successful career and made millions of dollars while playing ball. Many people wondered why he feels the need to break the law when he has so many opportunities at his fingertips. Thankfully, nobody was hurt during the incident.

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