Former NFL Quarterback Fighting for His Life After Weighing Over 500 Pounds

August 11, 2017Aug 11, 2017

When people think about NFL players, they usually think of athletic and fit individuals. Many were surprised to learn that a former NFL quarterback is now fighting for his life due to his massive weight gain.

Jared Lorenzen used to play for the New York Giants and the Indianapolis Colts. In 2008, he was cut from the team while weighing roughly 290 pounds. By quarterback standards, he was a big guy to try and bring down.

After being cut from the NFL, Jared began to gain a lot of weight. He was no longer required to stay under the league-mandated 292-pound mark, according to reports.

In 2014, Jared blew out his ankle while playing on an indoor football team. He remembers the moment it happened and the thoughts going through his head.

“When I came back to play, I looked terrible. I can still remember rolling out to my left and seeing the guy coming for me and telling my body, ‘Get down, get down, get down. Throw it away and get down.’ But me being big, I didn’t have the reactionary time, I couldn’t get down before he hit me and shattered my ankle,” Lorenzen says. “And my first thought is, ‘How are they going to get me off this field?’ When they had to get four people — linemen — to carry me, I’m like ‘What the heck are you doing?’”

Now, Jared is on a mission. He wants to take control of his health and live a longer life. He is starting on a weight loss journey that he hopes leads to a better version of himself.

Jared has enlisted the help of a trainer and is beginning to exercise and eat right. He says he is motivated to help others and is thankful for the support staff he has around him.

“If I can get the other people in the community to say, ‘Look, Jared can do it, let’s jump on this bandwagon. Let’s do it,’ ” he said in the video. “To know that I can be this person that got such and such off his meds or connect him with his son or daughter, that’s all you can ask for,” he said.

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