Former NFL Player Charged with Murder of 5-Yr-Old Girl

April 16, 2019Apr 16, 2019

A former NFL player is being charged with murder and child abuse. Police are holding him and his girlfriend after they forced her 5-year-old daughter to do sit-ups and sprints for punishment, spanked her, and sat on her, reported local news.

Amy Taylor, 25, and, Cierre Wood, 28, both face murder and child abuse charges after La'Rayah Davis was pronounced dead at Summerlin Hospital on April 10. The Clark County Coroner's Office in Las Vegas determined Davis died of multiple blunt-force injuries and ruled the death a homicide.

According to the arrest report, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department received a 911 call from a different 5-year-old girl on April 9. When Las Vegas Fire & Rescue arrived, Davis was cold to the touch.

When Davis was examined at the hospital, doctors found multiple injuries, including a bruised lump on the left side of her forehead, the appearance of a bite mark on right forearm, the appearance of blood in her underwear, a distended abdomen, and bruises all over the body.

In an interview with the police, Taylor said she had been dating Wood for six months and moved in with him after one month. Wood played for the Texans, Patriots, Bills and Seahawks after his college career at Notre Dame. He also played in the Canadian Football League.

Taylor said she typically spanked with a hand or belt as discipline, but Wood preferred exercise as punishment. Wood would “make her run sprints in the apartment, do sit-ups and wall squats.” He told police he was “trying to get her on the right path due to her being chunky.”

Taylor said on April 9 that she was walking her daughter to school when bit her on the hand. She spanked her several times. Later that day, Wood wanted to Davis to “work on her numbers.”

When she no longer would "work on her numbers," he made her do sit-ups. When she couldn't do any more sit-ups, he made her run from one wall to another.

Wood then made Davis do 5 more sit-ups, according to the arrest report. While doing so, Davis fell backwards and hit her head on the carpet. Wood told police he thought Davis was faking her injury until she stumbled while getting up.

Wood tried to call Taylor, but she didn't answer. Wood said he grabbed Davis and put her in the shower, splashing water on her face. Wood said Davis was breathing heavily.

Wood told police he placed Davis on the bed and blew air into her mouth. When he did, Wood said a “red chunky” fluid came out of her nose. He called 911 and did chest compressions.

Both Taylor and Wood told police that Davis had complained of chest pain and was not eating normally over the past couple days. Taylor admitted to police that she sat on the Davis' chest the week prior as punishment.

Taylor and Wood are both expected in court Tuesday morning.

The child’s father, Danaun Davis, lives in Central California.

He told reporters, “She had so many people that she touched, and she's only 5. Her not to be alive and how much life she had. That's the tragic thing about it."

He added, “She can't be there no more. I can't call her no more. Never thought I'd bury my child at 5 years old.”

This is such a tragedy. Please pray for her father and family as they mourning her untimely passing. May she get the justice she deserves.

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