Former NBA Star Dennis Rodman Arrested, Charged with DUI

January 14, 2018Jan 14, 2018

It is being reported that former NBA star Dennis Rodman was arrested in Southern California on Saturday night. He was pulled over and handcuffed by officers after driving under the influence, according to Fox News.


Police spokesperson Rachel Johnson remarked that officers stopped Rodman for a traffic violation. After briefly talking to him, it became obvious that Rodman might be driving under the influence, which compelled the officer to make him take sobriety tests and a breathalyzer. It was then revealed to everyone that Rodman was driving under the influence after he blew more than the .08 limit. 

Johnson remarked that Rodman, 56, was very cooperative with the officers and was then released from jail on Sunday morning. According to New York Daily News, he was able to leave after staying at the police station for seven hours in order to sober up. 

Rodman played in the NBA for 14 seasons. He also won five championships, two with the Detroit Pistons and three with the Chicago Bulls. He was enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2011. 

Several years ago, Rodman routinely made national news for his comments about and travels to North Korea. He twice visited the nation in 2013, and then visited for the third time in 2014. On the first two trips, Rodman described Kim Jong Un as a "friend for life."   


"Dennis is taking this seriously, and will take positive steps to address his personal issues," Rodman's attorney, Paul S. Meyer, said to the Daily News. "He appreciates the professionalism of the Newport Beach Police Department."

Rodman was also arrested for a DUI once before in 1999. 

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