Former Navy Seal Was Unconscious For Two Months; Now Miracle is Unfolding

July 25, 2017Jul 25, 2017

Jon and Laura Grant have been married for five years, and while they have been through thick and thin together, they are currently facing a battle that they never anticipated.  On March 17, Jon got in a car accident and was left in a coma with a brain injury. 

The former Navy SEAL had been on three overseas tours and at the time of the accident was working as a combat medic instructor at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. The 36-year-old experienced a diffuse axonal injury (DAI), where the brain shuttles back and forth in the skull.

Many people who suffer from DAI never recover. Ninety percent of survivors of DAI remain completely unconscious, while the ten percent who do wake up experience many difficulties in day-to-day function after the fact. 

Just as it was beginning to seem that hope was lost, Jon gave Laura the first sign of a miracle. Seventeen days after the accident, Jon squeezed his wife’s hand while remaining unconscious. Then, two months after the accident on May 16, Jon woke up.

In an interview with TODAY, Laura said, “I was told in the neuro ICU if Jon made it, the recovery process would be a marathon not a sprint.”

Now, progress seems to be moving at a sprint-like pace. Recently, Laura posted a video on her Instagram account of the two standing up together to kiss. The video went viral within days.


Laura said, “The moment to me was like our first dance at our wedding. I knew that all Jon wanted was me by his side through all of this. That he loved me so deeply and was so thankful for our bond which has grown even more.”

Jon is making quick progress and is now able to breathe on his own, eat certain foods, and can almost stand on his own. The response that the couple received from their viral video is encouraging Laura, which is allowing her to encourage others as well.

Laura said, “Many people have shared that they are either going through the same thing or have gone through similar situations. I have grown to truly understand what is important in life. We must believe and trust that God will guide and protect us through the easy and hard times.”

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