Former Mexican President Makes Huge Mistake in Criticizing America's Gun Laws

October 03, 2017Oct 03, 2017

It’s been 11 years since Vicente Fox was president of Mexico, but he continues to be a major commentator on American politics and has a deep dislike for President Trump. He’s trolled Trump on Twitter, lobbed f-bombs at him over his plans to build the border wall, and even accused him of being a Nazi.

For the most part, Americans have shrugged at Fox’ remarks, but a comment he made in the wake of Sunday’s horrific attack in Las Vegas has gotten him a massive backlash of replies:

“#GunControl is a topic that must be dealt with ASAP. American people must not be looking over their shoulder for their countrymen,” Fox wrote.

The reaction was swift:

Some Twitter users defended Fox’ comment, though:

What are Mexico’s gun laws like? According to The Blaze, guns are regulated to the point where “few Mexican citizens own guns legally,” and it’s sparked a debate over whether citizens should be better armed to defend themselves in a country that does, indeed, have the second highest homicide rate in the world.

What do you think of this? In other news, an award-winning American actor who also served in our military has just passed away.

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