Former Marine Fired For Doing THIS On Memorial Day

June 06, 2016Jun 06, 2016

A Marine veteran who had served in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2005 – 2014 was wrongly terminated from his job at Time Warner Cable after honoring the American flag outside his company’s building on Memorial Day. 


Marine veteran Allen Thornwell noticed that the American flag outside his workplace was flying at full staff on Memorial Day. According to the Daily Caller, Thornwell lowered the flag to its proper placement at half-staff on the national holiday to honor all of the men and women who have given their life in sacrifice for their country.

Instead of the company honoring the veteran or America’s fallen soldiers, a security guard told Thornwell that it is against company policy for anyone to touch the flag. The next day, Thornwell was asked by his manager about the flag incident and subsequently fired.

Surprisingly, Thornwell is taking the anti-American actions of his former employer lightly. “I’m not even mad right now,” Thornwell said. “I don’t know what kind of moral compass you need to fire a veteran on Memorial Day for lowering the flag.”

Time Warner confirmed that Thornwell was fired, but they did not offer any comment or justification. What a sad day it is in this country when honoring the country and a soldiers ultimate sacrifice can get you fired from your job.