Former Friend of Florida School Shooter Speaks Out, Reveals Creepy Details

February 20, 2018Feb 20, 2018

For many, Wednesday, February 14 was just another Valentine’s Day full of chocolate, flowers, and love. For 17 families in Florida and hundreds of students at a local high school, however, it was a day of absolute devastation.

A shooter entered a Florida high school last Wednesday and opened fire on students and teachers, killing 17 people and seriously injuring over a dozen more. The shooter, Nikolas Cruz, had reportedly been previously expelled from the school.

In the wake of the horrific attack, several strange details have emerged. Several people said that they were not surprised about the shooter’s behavior, particularly because he had shown signs of aggression and violence in the past.

Additionally, news emerged that someone had notified the FBI in recent days about the shooter’s threats, but they did not follow through on an investigation. Now, one of Cruz’s former friends and classmates has spoken out, agreeing with the strange behavior that everyone else had apparently noticed as well.

Former classmate and friend, Ariana Lopez, said that the shooter had talked about killing people in the past. She went on Good Morning America to tell her story.

Lopez said that while she and Cruz used to be friends, their relationship faded when the latter started exhibiting scary behavior. She said that he would threaten others, talk excessively about weapons, and would engage in fights.

She said, “He used to sell knives out of his lunch box which I thought was insane. You can’t have knives, this is a school. He would be like, ‘Hey guys, want some knives?’”

She continued, “He would talk about how he sympathized with Syrian terrorists and say people who opposed them should be killed. He posted pictures of 15 or more firearms just on his bed. Like this was normal. Like you could even see a hamper in the background. He talked about killing our parents, our friends, boyfriends and girlfriends.”

Even more peculiar, Lopez said that she had reported her former friend “several times” to school officials. She said that he was scaring her as he would often follow her and another friend home from school.

Lopez said that no one was surprised that he would do such a terrible act.

She said, “I knew it. We all did. Everybody who knew him, we knew it. He was the only person that could even…before they announced that he was the shooter we all knew it was Nik. He was the only person we could think of that would do something like this because it was obvious that he had the power to do this.”

Sadly, even with all of the signs of Cruz’s potential to be extremely violent, nothing was done until it was too late. Please continue praying for everyone affected by this terrible shooting, including the families of the victims and those who are injured. In other recent news, the store who sold Cruz his gun just made a major announcement.

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