Former Democratic Representative Sentenced to Five Years in Jail on 18 Counts of Corruption

December 04, 2017Dec 04, 2017

First Coast ABC News reports that former congresswoman and felon Corrine Brown was just sentenced to five years in federal prison on Monday morning. The sentence happened during a hearing at the U.S. federal courthouse in downtown Jacksonville. 

Judge Tim Corrigan was the man to issue the sentence, which is a total of 60 months, totaling roughly five years, in a federal prison. The former congresswoman will be serving time in a federal prison after being found guilty of committing 18 counts of corruption. She will also be expected to pay almost half a million dollars back to the IRS and to other people whom she unfairly took money from, according to Fox News.

Brown has been sentenced alongside two other defendants. Carla Wiley, who was also sentenced on Monday, was charged with running a phony non-profit group called One Door for Education. She will be expected to serve at least 21 months in a federal prison for her role in the fraud organization. Furthermore, she owes almost a half a million dollars in restitution, which she will pay in the form of $250 a month for the rest of her life. 

Ronnie Simmons, another person who was charged, is Brown's former chief of staff. He has been sentenced to four years in prison, 48 months of which will be spent in a federal prison. He will be expected to pay almost one hundred thousand dollars in restitution.

Both co-conspirators will have one week to appeal and will have to turn in their passports.

Apparently, this fake charity received more than $800,000 in four years, with only about $1,200 of it going out to scholarships for students. The money is all now gone. The charity claimed that it was giving away scholarships to poor and underprivileged children who were seeking to become teachers. 

The fake charity was used as a slush fund for Corrine Brown's travel expenses, shopping, and other uses, according to ABC News. It is also alleged that Brown committed wire fraud, mail fraud, and stole money from the government after she lied on her tax documents. This included lying about the money she gave to churches on her tax documents. 

Prosecutors claim that roughly $330,000 of the money obtained was used for events for the congresswoman. And on top of that, another $70,000 was pocketed by the congresswoman. Carla Wiley pocketed more than $100,000 and Simmons is accused of pocketing thousands for himself. 

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