Former Democrat Reveals His Parents' Ultimate Betrayal After He Switched Parties

July 16, 2018Jul 16, 2018

In February, the news broke that the parents of a Republican candidate for Senate were backing his Democratic opponent. In fact, they each gave the maximum donation that they could to the Democrat.

Now former Marine Kevin Nicholson, who is running for Senate in Michigan, is speaking out about the donation. His parents made an obvious point when they donated $2,700 each to incumbent Democratic Tammy Baldwin.

In an op-ed for Fox News, Nicholson, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, revealed how he changed from a Democrat to a Republican, and what it did to his relationship with his parents. He made it clear that it was a costly decision—but not one that he regrets.

He relates how being a Democrat was just something he was expected to be. He wasn't given the opportunity to decide for himself. For a long time, he wasn't ready to critically think about the things that were told him.

"[L]ife has since taught me that thinking critically about the principles of the Democrat party is never encouraged because if you do, you have no choice but to leave – to walk away," wrote Nicholson.

He also related how he was active in the Democratic Party and his party affiliation denied his late teens and early twenties. He was elected National President of the College Democrats of America in 1999.

However, he says through careful thought and life experience, he decided that he needed to switch parties.

"In contrast with my time as a Democrat, my evolution to becoming a conservative Republican was a fully mindful and deliberate decision, based on my life experiences that left me with no other option," wrote Nicholson.

He continued, "While my choice was made clear to me through the experience of my marriage, the birth of my three children, my acceptance of Jesus Christ as my savior, my time fighting in two wars, and my experience in business since leaving the Marine Corps, it came at personal cost."

Shockingly, he shared that his parents have turned their back on him. They have nothing to do with him, his wife, or this children. 

He also shared that he believed the decision to make the maximum contribution to his competitor was "an intentional personal blow" designed to make headlines.

"It was deliberate – and it is a true representation of the intolerance of a political philosophy that stands on the false platform of tolerance."

He says he shares his story to help others who are suffering from the repercussions of walking away from their family's liberal views. He emphasizes how Conservatives should reach out to welcome these people.

He wrote, "Many others who have decided to leave the Democrat Party have also likely paid a personal price for their decision. And others are not yet ready to leave because of the judgement and ridicule they will undoubtedly receive from other Democrats – whether family, friends, or co-workers. Unfortunately, their fear is founded."

He concluded, "If you’ve decided to #WalkAway or plan to, I encourage you to find strength in those who have already walked the path. Find strength in the principles of conservatism that are founded in faith, liberty, and the Constitution. And find strength in those who have walked the path before you: President Ronald Reagan, President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, former U.S. Senator Phil Gramm – and so many others. Find strength in our decision to choose to believe in the human capacity to succeed when free, as you do the same."

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