Former Congressman Rushed to Hospital, People Sending Their Prayers

September 17, 2018Sep 17, 2018

Former Congressman John Dingell of Michigan appeared to have a heart attack Monday morning. The Democrat was the longest-serving member of Congress, serving nearly 60 years in the House.

His wife, Rep. Debbie Dingell, who is also his successor in the House, shared the troubling news on Twitter. She seemed optimistic in the post.

She wrote that the 92-year-old lawmaker is "in good spirits, cracking jokes like always." She also shared that he's being admitted to the hospital.

"It appears @JohnDingell had a heart attack early this morning. He’s alert and in good spirits, cracking jokes like always. He’s in the process of being admitted to Henry Ford Hospital. We’ll know more later."

Later, she tweeted out a thank you to everyone who is caring for her husband.

"Our sincere thanks to all the medical professionals and nurses at our sides," she said, adding again: "We’ll know more later."

John Dingell retired in 2015 as the longest-serving member of Congress. He succeeded his father in the seat after his father died in 1955. Dingell is one of the last World War II veterans who served in Congress before his retirement.

Fellow politicians sent well wishes to the retired politician.

Please pray for a swift return to health for Dingell. Please also pray for peace and strength for his family. 

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