Former Child Star Says He's Ready to Name The Hollywood Insider Who Abused Him

October 25, 2017Oct 25, 2017

The Washington Post reported today that Corey Feldman, a former child star who has long said he was abused by an influential man while he was one of the biggest child stars of the 1980s, is ready to name names. After dozens of women have come forward to accuse Harvey Weinstein of harassment or assault, Feldman appears ready to share more details.

This isn’t the first time Feldman has “sounded the alarm” on childhood sexual abuse in Hollywood. In his 2013 memoir “Coreyography,” he revealed that he and his friend, fellow childhood star Corey Haim, were allegedly sexually assaulted by men in the industry.

In the book, Feldman, says Haim, who died as a result of pneumonia related to a prescription drug addiction, was raped when he was 11. However, Feldman never revealed the names of their abusers.

“Since the dam broke on the Weinstein story, the actor-turned-musician has come under tremendous pressure on social media to expose the guilty parties,” wrote the Post.

After all the pleading, Feldman seems ready to bring these men down. He posted a video to Twitter, disclosing that he wants to make a movie about his experience in Hollywood—complete with the names of his abusers.

In the video, he says he hopes to “bring down a pedophile ring, which he has been aware of since he was a child.” He also said the movie would be the “most honest and true depiction of child abuse ever portrayed.”

Feldman plans to direct, produce, and self-distribute the movie using donations. He’s started an Indiegogo campaign for $10 million. That money will go towards a legal team and security for his family, as well as to make the movie.

“Right off the bat I can name six names,” Feldman promised, “one of them who’s still very powerful today.” He added that he can show a link between pedophilia and one of the major studios.

He’s hoping to bring down a pedophile ring with the movie, and he’s hoping to make the industry safer for child actors. The time, he says, is now.

“In the meantime, he’s concerned for his own safety,” explains the Post. “His band’s tour bus was pulled over for speeding Saturday night and, after police officers detected marijuana, he and his crew were taken to a police station where they were charged with a misdemeanor for marijuana possession.”

The day after the arrest, Feldman addressed it on Twitter. He said that they simply paid a fine, but he found “the timing of all this ironic,” considering it came on the heels of his announcement on social media that he was working on a plan to “shed some light on” Hollywood predators.

In the video, he also says he was nearly killed by two trucks in a crosswalk, and that several band members quit, fearing for their safety.

“It’s not easy,” he said in the video. “I’ve been degraded at great levels. Rumors have been told, stories have been made up about me . . . all because they fear what I know.”

“Justice will be served,” he promised. “Because this is about good and evil.”

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