Famed Former Governor of California Passes Away in Long Beach Home

May 09, 2018May 09, 2018

The famed former Governor of California has just passed away. Governor has died at the age of 89.

"George Deukmejian, a two-term California governor who was admired by Republicans and Democrats alike for his willingness to cross party boundaries, and who quietly shepherded the state through a period of rapid growth and sustained prosperity, died on Tuesday at his home in Long Beach, California," reported the New York Times.

Deukmejian had a major impact on the state of California. He was known to be extremely tough on crime. He also appointed over 1,000 judges during his time in office.


“He didn’t have Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bravado, Jerry Brown’s dialectical fireworks, or Pete Wilson’s Marine Corps willingness to take the hill,” Kevin Starr, the eminent historian of California, said in an interview in 2012. “He had such an understated manner, you almost missed how pervasive and effective he was in his governorship.” (Professor Starr, of the University of Southern California, died last year.)


He originally entered politics in 1962. He won a seat int he California Assembly and was later elected to the State Senate.

“Deukmejian was a registered Republican, but he elevated the level of governorship above his party choice,” Willie Brown, the former mayor of San Francisco said in an interview for this obituary. “I think his time in office will be seen as the last the State of California actually had a bipartisan, working relationship between the governor’s office and the legislature.”

Please join us in praying for his family and friends who are mourning his loss. We ask that God's peace would comfort them through this tough time.



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