Former Athlete Charged with Killing Olympics Chiropractor

January 23, 2018Jan 23, 2018

Earlier this month, a chiropractor who worked at two Olympic games was found dead in his Rhode Island home. Police quickly declared that the death was a homicide and said the killing was targeted.

According to AP News, it is now alleged that a 21-year-old man and former all-star athlete at a prominent prep school is the killer.  

Owens Morris, of Warren, appeared in district court on Tuesday on a first-degree murder charge. Police claim that he stabbed Clive Bridgham in his East Providence home. Eventually, police discovered the dead body on January 11, although they didn't immediately speculate on a possible motive.

Many updates on the case were discovered during a press conference held today. 

Apparently, Morris didn't enter a plea and was ordered without bail. His lawyer didn't comment on the charges after the hearing, although the lawyer and Morris are so far claiming that he is innocent. 

Clive Bridgham, 67, was a sports medicine specialist and worked at the Rio and Salt Lake City Olympic Games, according to Ap News. He had practiced for over 30 years and was the director of the Barrington Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic in Barrington. 

WPRI News writes that Owens Morris is charged with stabbing Bridgham numerous times at his private home. Police disclosed that the two knew each other very well — that Morris had been one of Bridgham's patients. 

In 2016, Morris filed a complaint against Bringham, causing the chiropractor to surrender his license in September 2017. Paperwork from the Department of Health claims that the patient accused him of "violating professional boundaries of the physician-patient relationship." 

It was several months later when, on January 11, police received a phone call from Bridgham's significant other. She reported that she hadn't heard from him, urging police to check on him and force entry into his Pleasant Street home. They discovered that he was dead and had been stabbed numerous times.

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