Former NFL Star Clinton Portis Sentenced 6 Months In Federal Prison For Health Care Scheme

Clinton Portis

Former NFL Star Clinton Portis Convicted of 6 Months in Federal Prison for Health Care Scheme

Clinton Portis’He has been harmed by his past financial decisions and is now facing the government.

Retired NFL running back Clinton PortisHe will suffer the consequences of his participation in a scheme for health care benefits over the next year.

Former Rookie of Year (2002) was sentenced for six months in federal prison and six month of home confinement.

According to court documents, Clinton accumulated approximately $100,000 through fraud of the Gene Upshaw NFL Player Health Rembursement Account Plan. The program covers the medical expenses of retired NFL players and can provide up to $350,000 per participant. ClintonHe allegedly filed false claims for medical expense, which earned him hundreds and thousands of dollars. In September 2021, he pleaded guilty.

Clinton wasn’t the only retired football player finagling money from the program. 15 other players were also part of the ring, and pleaded guilty.

Those facing jail time include Robert McCune, Joe Horn and Carlos Rogers. Reche CaldwellHe was killed in 2020.

According to reports, the Department of Justice stated that they would hand out the most severe sentences that were consistent with the 10-to-16-month guideline. They made sure that ClintonDue to his crime and actions, he was sentenced to a longer term.

Clinton hasn’t released any formal statements regarding his sentence or alleged crimes; however, he seemingly acknowledges the allegations on Instagram. He recently shared this story:

“You can’t pull my card cause I’m really ME. I’m open to whatever you have to say or do. You can’t embarrass me or make me feel uncomfortable. I’m SOLID. #APPRECIATETHESUPPORT.”

He also dedicated a post for a law firm.

“o my team from #BAKERBOTTS (Andrew, Kyle & Julie)& Adam aka A Aron I thank you! I would fight for you all any day! You all believed in me from the start & worked tirelessly to prove my innocence!”

He continued:

“We came up short & things didn’t go as planned but the bond created will last forever! Thank you all! To my supporters, my family, my friends and everyone who said a prayer it’s bigger than me.”

He concluded:

“‘I’ll grow through,what I go through.’”

Clinton PortisHe was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the second round, 2002 NFL draft. In 2004, he was traded from the Denver Broncos to the Washington Redskins. He finished his career in 2010. He broke many records throughout his career, including the title of second-leading rusher within the league. He was recognized as Offensive rookie of the year (2002) and helped the cycle 1 contestants. America’s Next Top Model A photoshoot.

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