Former NBA Star Chris Bosh Boycotting The NFL Until The League Hires More Black Head Coaches

Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh Boycotts The NFL Until The League Hives More Black Head coaches

How many of you still boycott the NFL? It seems that many of you are still boycotting the NFL. Chris BoshHe is citing new reasons for the league to blacklist him, stating that he cannot continue to spend his weekends with the NFL until more Black head coaches are hired. The former NBA player took to his newsletter, “The Last Chip,” to express his disdain for the lack of diversity amongst NFL head coaches. The newsletter claims that Black coaches receive different treatment from their counterparts. Chris Bosh specifically spoke on the termination of Miami Dolphins’ head coach Brian FloresOnly three seasons remained, with the last two being winning seasons. BoshAlso mentioned is the firing of the Houston Texans’ head coach. David CulleyAfter only one season. Chris Bosh’sI postulate that if the coaches were white, neither would they have been terminated. 



Bosh wrote:

“Watching the way the NFL is treating Black coaches has me pissed off. It’s simple. Until they fix this, I cannot keep spending my weekends supporting the league.”

Chris BoshIt was also highlighted that Mike Tomlin, head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, is now the only Black head coach in the NFL, calling it “appalling.”

The ex-Miami Heat forward had this to share:

“I’m happy anytime anyone gets a job, but it sure seems like the white guys are having an easier time becoming head coaches and general managers nowadays, while Black coaches are held to an entirely different standard.”

BoshHe wants his children see the paradigm shift. He said:

“I want them to know that the next great strategic mind might belong to a coach who isn’t necessarily white. Because I know they’re out there, future Belichicks and Lombardis and Maddens who happen to not be white men. Football needs to promote those who have proved themselves — and keep them around.”



Until the NFL is the change that we need Chris Bosh wants to see, he’ll be changing the channel on the NFL. What about you? Comment your thoughts.