Former Grey’s Anatomy Star Jesse Williams’ Ex Wife Wants Primary Custody Of Kids, Says Actor’s ‘Erratic Behavior’ Causes Her To Fear For Her Safety

(EXCLUSIVE) Actor Jesse Williams Prepping Divorce From Wife After 5 Yrs Of Marriage

Aryn Drake-Lee, Jesse Williams

Former Grey’s Anatomy Star Jesse Williams’ Ex Wife Wants Primary Custody Of Kids, Says Actor’s ‘Erratic Behavior’ Causes Her To Fear For Her Safety

It looks like ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star, Jesse WilliamsHis ex-wife Aryn Drake-LeeThey are still fighting it out over custody of their children. According to Radar Online, the actor’s ex wants primary custody of their children and is accusing Jesse of failing to follow the current custody schedule in place. Accordingly, she wants the court to declare that she has primary custody. Williams is also accused of threatening Williams with calling the police over recent custody disputes.

In her motion ArynAsking the court to modify the custody agreement so that it is in state’s favor Jesse WilliamsInstead of joint custody, she has visitation. She asks the court to grant Jesse visitation rights on the first, third and fifth weekends of each month. She also demands that he share his future filming projects schedules so she can plan. She had previously accused him of not giving them a heads-up about his shooting schedules.

Aryn Drake-Lee

Reportedly, Aryn says Jesse’s behavior has caused a negative impact on their children. According to the legal documents she claims Jesse’s work schedule, his decision to fire their nanny and hire another, the pandemic and other circumstances have,

“resulted in increased inconsistency, longer absences, regular last-minute cancellations and other issues which are incredibly disruptive to our children’s lives.”

She continued,

“I am requesting modification of the custody schedule and other provisions of the judgment to better reflect the new reality of our lives, and most importantly, properly, and positively address the needs of our children.”

Ex-Wife Aryn Drake-Lee, Also, claims that since Jesse Williams’ exit from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ in May 2021, his schedule has been all over the place, allegedly making it difficult for the actor to maintain their custody agreement. Aryn wrote,

“Since Jesse’s exit, there have been multiple instances of Jesse notifying me with very little notice that he will be gone for weeks or months at a time for work, and therefore must cancel his custodial time.”

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Jesse Williams

She continued,

“Despite my repeated requests, he routinely refuses to share the details of his schedule. Rather, he tells me he’s leaving without sharing specifics, only making vague references as to when he might be back.”

After thirteen years of being together, Jesse WilliamsFilled for divorce from ArynIn 2017. They had been married for five years, and they have two children: Maceo, 5 and Sadie 7. According to reports, the split was contentious due to both parties playing dirty in court. As previously reported, the couple’s divorce was finalized in October 2020. Jesse WilliamsHe was ordered to pay $40,000 per month in child support, plus $100,000 in spousal support over two payments. Williams was permitted to keep the $936,810 he earned from his role on “Grey’s Anatomy” after they separated on April 11, 2017. The other income would be split. Aryn Drake-LeeTheir home was given to them and they each kept their cars.

April 2022 is the date for the hearing on the custody dispute. Jesse Williamsis yet to respond.

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