Ford Announces Major News, Thousands of Families Impacted

May 20, 2019May 20, 2019

Ford is one of the most famous names, and brands, on the planet. The famous car manufacturer is a global icon and employs thousands of people across the world.

Sadly, the company issued a major announcement this is impacting thousands of families. They are going to be laying off 7,000 salaried workers. It comes after the CEO said they are aiming to reduce salaried employees by 10% worldwide.

"Ford Motor Company Opens a New Window. on Monday informed employees that it would lay off about 7,000 salaried workers Opens a New Window. , or 10 percent of its global workforce, in the coming months in a cost-cutting measure that officials said would save about $600 million per year," reported Fox News.

Some of those employees are in America. The layoffs are said to begin this Tuesday. Reports also state that the CEO of Ford, Jim Hackett, emailed employees about the news.

“Ford is a family company and saying goodbye to colleagues is difficult and emotional,” Hackett said in the email. “We have moved away from past practices in some regions where team members who were separated had to leave immediately with their belongings, instead of giving people the choice to stay for a few days to wrap up and say goodbye. We also have a range of resources and services in place to support employees in managing this transition.”

The company is said to be cutting roughly 2,300 jobs from its organizational structure. The redesign is an attempt to make the company a more "dynamic, agile and empowered workforce" for the future. Please joins us in praying for the employees who are losing their jobs.

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