Ford Lashes Out at Mainstream Media After False Trump Story

October 15, 2018Oct 15, 2018

After multiple reports from mainstream media outlets tried linking Ford's layoffs to President Trump's tariff policies, the automotive giant is firing back. A spokesperson for Ford has now opened up about the reports and labeled them as being a mischaracterization of the facts.

“The reports you have read about our organization redesign work being related to external forces such as tariffs are incorrect,” Ford Motor Company spokesperson Karen Hampton told "This is a global effort and not specific to the U.S.,” she added. “We began this effort recently as part of our CEO’s work to make us a faster, more nimble, more innovative company.”

The story has taken a toll on mainstream media outlets since their biases have now been called into question by conservatives. Ford has also gone so far as to say they wish the news media had contacted them before publishing the false story.

"Ford’s and other automakers’ predicament are predominantly being caused by rising steel and aluminum prices, which are a result of the trade war with other nations. However, Trump’s recent trade deal with Canada and Mexico resulted in positive comments from multiple automakers, including Ford, for knocking down some trade barriers. Ford has officially taken the stance that it supports policies that reduce trade barriers," reported Western Journal.

President Trump has praised large automotive manufacturers in the past, including Ford. During his campaign, Trump promised to bring back America jobs and help put American people to work.

"The change is intended 'to support the company’s strategic objectives, create a more dynamic and empowering work environment, and become more fit as a business,'" reported Western Journal.

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