Ford Issues Major Recall for 400,000 Vehicles

June 28, 2017Jun 28, 2017

We seem to be in the era of vehicle recalls. Whether it’s because more vehicles are being produced with problems, or because companies are being more proactive in issuing recalls to protect their customers, it’s hard to say. But here’s one you should know about.

You know those little, angular looking vans Ford makes? If you drive one, it’s most likely for work, but beware that 400,000 of them are now being recalled for a pretty significant problem.

CNBC reports that 2015-17 Ford Transit vans — as well as the full-size vans and buses — have a problem with their driveshafts that can cause them to separate after 30,000 miles.

That’s an issue if you’re parked and don’t have your parking brake applied, because a separated driveshaft can cause your Transit to shift out of park and roll. If you’re driving, the separation can cause your Transit to experience a loss of power.

Ford also warned, "In addition, separation of the driveshaft from the transmission can result in secondary damage to surrounding components, including brake and fuel lines. A driveshaft separation may increase the risk of injury or crash."

That certainly sounds like something that needs to be addressed. In their press release, Ford said they “don't expect” there to be any problem until a vehicle reaches 30,000 miles, but anyone driving a Transit after it has reached that milestone should schedule a service appointment.

An interim repair will have to be performed every 30,000 miles to help keep the driveshafts intact until Ford comes up with a more permanent solution. Owners will be notified about repairs.