For $1,200 a month, you can own a Tiny Home that allows residents to live in an eco-friendly village

This tiny home village is located in Tampa Bay Florida and offers an affordable alternative for apartment living.

ESCAPE, a house design firm, opened a tiny village for residents in the area in 2021. The village quickly sold out due to increased interest in remote lifestyles after the pandemic.

ESCAPE Tampa Bay Village

“Little did we know we’d experience such demand so quickly,” said ESCAPE founder Dan Dobrowolski. “The opportunity to work remotely, reduce the carbon footprint, and still live in a beautiful home for a fraction of the cost has energized people to consider tiny living.”

Despite being remote, the village is easily accessible via highway 301 to the Tampa Bay region. Groceries, restaurants, and gyms are all within walking distance. Downtown Tampa is 12 mi away, while driving to Orlando or Sarasota would take under an hour.

A unit in ESCAPE Tampa Bay Village
ESCAPE Tampa Bay Village

The eco-friendly homes are designed like a suburb and can be rented for two to four persons. Each lot comes with a manicured lawn and residents have access to security and a parking space.

The village also has its garbage and recycling center. The center has shared spaces for relaxing and working.

These tiny homes feature open floor plans, new appliances and LED lights, USB outlets, windows with excellent insulation and solar panels. Each house has an 13-foot porch that leads you to the walkway. The walkway is surrounded with a green lawn. Each home comes fully furnished so all you need is your personal belongings.

A unit in ESCAPE Tampa Bay Village
ESCAPE Tampa Bay Village

Millennials and retirees alike have flocked here, including Tim Mastic, a remote software implementation manager at 31 years old, and Judie Clark, 82, who retired from two decades of working as a bus director.

Clark moved from her 1,700-square foot home to a 400-square foot unit in the village. Clark said that living there allowed her downsizing without affecting her quality-of-life.

“The upkeep is simple, and everything is sort of at your fingertips,” she said.

The shared space in ESCAPE Tampa Bay Village
ESCAPE Tampa Bay Village

The homes can be rented out or purchased, with monthly rents of approximately $1,200. Half the down payment will go towards the residence and the rest to rent the tiny home.

ESCAPE Tampa Bay Village began with ten small houses that were quickly occupied. Now, the company plans on expanding the neighborhood by adding 23 lots and calling the new addition “ESCAPE Tampa Bay Village”. The Oaks. It’s currently under construction with new tiny house designs.

An enormous park will be found in the middle of the village. It will be nearly as large as the original village. You will also find houses with beautiful palm trees and more privacy.

A unit in ESCAPE Tampa Bay Village
ESCAPE Tampa Bay Village

However, ESCAPE won’t allow tours or sales until the units are ready, so there will be no pre-selling units or advanced deposits. The grand opening date has yet to be decided.

For these new homes, the price will start around $120,000, and monthly rentals will “start at $500 and include parking, garbage, water, septic, landscaping, ground maintenance & private deck.”

The company anticipates high demand for these homes so there won’t be any renting options at first. However, owners will have the option to choose long-term leases.

Click the video to learn more about this tiny village in Florida. Visit their website for more information about Tiny Home Village.

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