Pro Football Player Considering a Republican Congressional Run

February 08, 2018Feb 08, 2018

Reports are coming in that a former New York Jets center, Nick Mangold, is considering a campaign to replace Republican Rodney Frelinghuysen of New Jersey. According to The Hill, Frelinghuysen is intrigued by the idea and has been discussing it with his family.

Essex County Republican Chairman Al Barlas told Politico that "He's a different candidate. He gives different name ID."

“I had a conversation with him. He’s intrigued by the idea. He has to think it over and talk with his wife,” said Barlas. "After an 11-year playing career and a college career, he’s enjoying being at home with his wife and kids.“

Barlas is hoping that the entry of Mangold into the race would shake up an already crowded GOP primary against Jay Webber, the only major Republican to declare his candidacy so far. 

Barlas has also claimed that Mangold is a registered Republican who has voted in three of the last five primaries and six of the last seven general elections. 

Mangold played for the Jets from 2006 to 2016. He was famously cut while with his family in Disney World in March of 2017. In response to the news, Mangold tweeted a picture of himself frowning while riding a ride.

Mangold wouldn't be the most famous football player to run for office in the state of New Jersey. In fact, former Eagles player Jon Runyan ran for Congress as a Republican in 2010. Runyan actually won as a Republican in 2010 and served two terms in South Jersey's 3rd District before retiring. 

The New York Daily News writes that Frelinghuysen announced in late January that he will not be seeking re-election come November. The news from the House Appropriations Committee Chairman marks the eight House committee chairman to step down ahead of the 2018 elections. 

Mangold is an Ohio native who currently lives in New Jersey. He publicly campaigned for Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Donald Trump, although he often avoided answering difficult questions about Trump's more controversial policies. 

As Trump campaigned in 2016, Mangold was asked whether he agreed with Trump's controversial proposal to ban Muslims from entering the country. Mangold indicated that no, he didn't agree with this policy. 

"Do I agree 100% with anybody? No," he claimed in May 2016. "There's some things I agree with and some things I don't."

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