Football Coaches Refuses School’s Prayer Ban, Vows To Do THIS

October 15, 2015Oct 15, 2015

At Bremerton High School in Washington, football coach Joe Kennedy is facing an assault on his 1st amendment rights to practice his face.  The attack on his faith is coming from the school district itself.


According to Fox News, coach Kennedy is being investigated by the Bremerton School District for his post game tradition of praying on the 50 yard line and thanking the Lord for keeping his players and competition safe.  Kennedy has been performing the same ritual since 2008.  All of the student athletes on the team have voluntarily joined with the coach in prayer.

Recently the school district sent a letter to Kennedy forbidding him to exercise his faith.  The district ordered the coach to stop praying before and after the games.  In the letter the district described Kennedy’s prayers as a “problematic practice”.  They further infringe on the coach by limiting his speech.  “Your talks with students many not include religious express, including prayer.  They must remain entirely secular in nature,” the letter states.

Coach Kennedy is a combat veteran who has fought to protect the very freedoms that the school is fighting to take from him.  “I’m being investigated for thanking God for the opportunities that have been given me.  It’s absolutely ridiculous.  I spent 20 years in the military defending the Constitution and the freedoms that everybody has.”

Coach Kennedy has sought out legal counsel to protect his constitutional rights.  The Liberty Institute has taken the case and issued a response letter to the rogue school district.  “There is no lawful prohibition against Coach Kennedy’s practice of saying a private, post-game prayer.  The prayers are Coach Kennedy’s private religious speech, and no reasonable observer could conclude that BHS sponsors, endorses, or encourages student participation,” the letter states.

Despite the school district’s blatant bias against Christianity, Coach Kennedy will not stop praying, even if it costs him his job.  “I’m not a guy who hides in a corner and does a secret prayer to God.  I’m very open about my faith everywhere I go,” Kennedy told Fox.

God bless you Coach Kennedy!  We support you 100%  The constitution supports you 100%