Following The Paris Terror Attacks, Here Is Where The Majority Of Americans Stand

November 23, 2015Nov 23, 2015

In a poll from the Washington Post and ABC news that was conducted between November 16 – 19, Americans have spoken out in majority about what matters to them and how they want to see the country proceed.  The results don’t match up with the narrative that the mainstream media has been pushing.

According to Breitbart, 54% percent of Americans are opposed to bringing in additional Syrian refugees to this country.  Only 43% are favorable to hosting the Syrian refugees.  The opposition to wanting additional refugees stems from the fact that the majority of Americans don’t believe that the government is capable of accurately and properly screen all of the refugees to the level that is needed.  According to the poll, 52% of the people don’t believe in the government’s capabilities.

The one area that an overwhelming majority of Americans agree upon is that as a country, the United States needs to respond to ISIS with a strong military campaign and wipe out the extremist group.  73% of Americans support a military response to ISIS.  Despite the will of the people, Obama has not vowed to fight ISIS.  A day before the terrorist attacks in Paris, he declared that ISIS was “contained”.

A sad figure from the poll shows that 81% of Americans believe that a terror attack on American soil is eminent.  That number coincides with the American people’s disapproval of Obama’s handling of terrorists.  Only 40% approve of Obama's handling of terror related issues.