Following Bourdain and Spade Tragedies, Star Reveals She’s Thought of Suicide Often

June 12, 2018Jun 12, 2018

The deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade have drawn attention to the mental health crisis in America. Phone calls to the National Suicide Lifeline spiked following the announcement of their deaths.

Hollywood isn’t alone in its struggle with mental health. Several Hollywood stars have come forth publicly to share their experience battling with a myriad of mental health disorders, including depression and bipolar.

Jada Pinkett Smith is among them. In an emotional message about her well-being, according to US Magazine, she paid tribute to both Spade and Bourdain, as well as sharing her own experiences.

“One thing I’ve learned in my life over the years is that mental health is something we should practice daily, not just when issues arise,” Pinkett Smith, 46, wrote via Instagram. “We should take care of our mind and spirit in the same way we do our body.”

The deaths of Bourdain and Spade “brought up feelings of when I was in such despair and had considered the same demise… often,” she said.

But Jada Pinkett Smith isn’t alone in Hollywood in her struggles with mental health. According to US Magazine, Demi Lovato, Rene Russo and Catherine Zeta-Jones have all struggled with bipolar disorder. Mel Gibson has been candid about his struggle with depression. So has Emma Thompson.

Zeta-Jones said of her illness, she “never wanted to be the poster child” for the disorder, striving to handle the disorder on her own. She was diagnosed in 2011 after checking into a mental health facility for treatment.

Rene Russo also struggled with bipolar, admitting to fans that she takes medication for the condition, saying, “For all the people that are having trouble and maybe feel bad about taking medication… it’s okay – you will make it through,” she said.

“It’s not easy,” she added, “but you will make it through.”

What do you think of this? Please pray for our Hollywood stars who are battling with a mental illness. Be sure to read about Kate Middleton’s $70 dress that is flying off store shelves. 

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