Floyd Mayweather Turns Comments Off After Receiving Criticism For His Post About His Late Ex-Girlfriend Josie Harris 

Floyd Mayweather turns off comments after receiving criticism for his post about Josie Harris, his late ex-girlfriend.

Some love never dies.

In a recent Instagram post Floyd MayweatherThe 44-year-old wrote a very descriptive note to his ex-girlfriend Josie Harris. They started dating in 1995. They have three children together. Koraun Mayweather, 22, Zion Shamaree Mayweather, 20, and Jirah Mayweather, 18. Their relationships were filled with ups and downs. They finally ended their relationship in 2010. Floyd MayweatherWas arrested for domestic violence Josie Harris.

Sources claim that they were able to co-parent efficiently despite their past struggles until March 2020. JosieAccidental overdose led to her death in her car.

Two years later, legendary boxer, Boxer, still sings praises for the mother to his three children. He posted a picture of his ex-girlfriend along with the message:

“These females will never be you Josie. No veneers, no lip injections, and no nose job or fillers. ALL NATURAL 1 of 1….
We Love You Forever!!”

Fans didn’t like the post as many recounted the alleged cruel treatment of Josie HarrisThey were together while others disagreed with their choice of words.


Although the boxer has not replied to his fans, he has since removed all comments from his Instagram post.


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