Florida Woman Murdered, Suspect Caught and Killed by Sheriff's Deputy

February 07, 2018Feb 07, 2018

Reports are coming in that a man killed a Florida woman on Wednesday in a shopping center parking lot. The killer dragged the woman into his SUV and then drove the wrong way on a Florida interstate. He tried to escape but was eventually caught and fatally shot by a sheriff's deputy, according to reports.

The woman was apparently shot in the parking lot and then dragged inside of a Nissan Rogue. Deputies discovered the car as it was fleeing from the shopping center. Then, callers soon reported a southbound driver in the northbound lanes of nearby Interstate 95. 

A deputy and a Florida Highway Patrol trooper were quick to respond to the situation. The deputy and trooper arrived after the Rogue crashed into three cars and forced many others off the road. The officers found and pulled up next to him.

In an attempt to prevent the killer from running away, and to protect the officers, the trooper pulled out his stun gun and then shot the driver. But it didn't work. 

Then the deputy shot the driver with a handgun, killing him on the scene.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, the deputy feared for his life and the life of the trooper. It was for this reason that he felt it necessary to open fire on the suspect. The sheriff hasn't elaborated on what the suspect may have been doing that promoted such deadly force.

The woman remained on the passenger side of the vehicle. At this time, it isn't clear whether the killer and victim were familiar with each other  — that is, it is unclear whether they had a relationship or had prior acquaintance with each other. 

According to reports, the suspect was also wanted for the non-fatal shooting of a person at West Palm Beach on Tuesday. So far, there are no other details reported on this shooting. The name of the killer hasn't been identified and the relatives of the killer haven't yet been informed of the situation. 

Palm Beach Post reports that the entire situation was filled with chaos. The killer not only wrecked with three other cars but actually got into three separate head-on collisions with a total of at least a dozen other motorists. 

The crash and shooting caused the momentary shut down of the interstate in both directions. In particular, left northbound lanes were closed for hours in a nearly 5 mile stretch between Gateway Boulevard in Boynton Beach and Sixth Avenue South in Lake Worth.

Another local newspaper wrote that "the highway was closed for the day during the complex investigation of two deaths and three crashes."

The violence began on Tuesday afternoon and then ended on Wednesday.

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